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Fuzhou, Fujian Province will set up a yacht driving license test training center training fee of about 20,000 yuan

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Fuzhou, Fujian Province will set up a yacht driving license test training center training fee of about 20,000 yuan

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In the near future, the yacht may become a scenery on the Minjiang River in Fuzhou.

Yesterday (20th), a luxury yacht was docked there at Hualong Longyuan Wharf, North Bridgehead, Youxizhou, Minjiang, Fuzhou. Sailors wiped the yacht. The golden sunset reflected on the sailor ’s dark smiling face. The playful sound crossed the sparkling river.

The reporter learned that at present, Fuzhou is vigorously developing the yacht industry, planning to build 19 yacht docks. At present, many yacht companies have settled in Fuzhou, and by the end of the year, Fuzhou will have the first yacht driving license training base, and the complete service chain of yacht sales, custody, maintenance, leasing and training will be gradually improved.

Sailor 24-hour care costs more than 100,000 a year

There are many yachts docked at Hualong Longyuan Wharf at the north bridge head of Youxizhou, Minjiang, Fuzhou, which has attracted the attention of many people who come to swim. "I heard that there are tens of millions of ships," the security guard patrolling in Minjiang Park told reporters that several ships had been docked for some time, and a ship next to the pier was docked just that afternoon.

The reporter saw that the two yachts parked on the berth of the dock were named "Yingxin Enterprise" and "Xindonghua". A sailor came out of the yacht and walked to the dock. The young sailor surnamed Hou is responsible for yacht maintenance. He told reporters that the company's dock is in the early stage of construction. Hualong Longyuan Wharf is the temporary wharf of their company. The owner of the yacht is the owner of a real estate company. Ten million yuan.

"Yacht is a luxury and needs maintenance", Mr. Hou told reporters that their company Huahong Yacht Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for the custody business of these two yachts. They have to scrub the yacht every day, keep it clean, and maintain it regularly. "The boss drove out when he wanted to use the boat, and docked at the dock at other times. Generally, he drove out to play, eat and other leisure business activities."

Zhang Bin, general manager of Huahong Yacht Development Co., Ltd., told reporters that a luxury yacht is generally equipped with two or three sailors. In addition to daily cleaning and professional maintenance, customers need to sail, and they need to go through maritime procedures related to sailing. Waiting staff, the sailors will take care of you 24 hours. "Sailors can't live on a guest's boat. Generally, there will be a yacht company's building next to the pier to take care of the yacht as a residence." According to reports, one-year maintenance cost of a luxury yacht is not high, about 100,000 yuan.

There are rivers, seas and boats, but what is missing in Fuzhou is the wharf

It is understood that most of the yachts in Fuzhou are luxury yachts, and most of them are purchased by some company and business owners. In addition to private play , they are mainly used for business reception, as a symbol of the company's brand and culture.

Talking about the yacht industry in Fuzhou, Zhang Bin said that the yacht industry in Fuzhou is promising. "Fuzhou has rivers and seas. You can swim in the river or go to sea. In addition, Fuzhou also has a group of yachting owners." According to reports, there are currently more than 30 yachts of Fuzhou nationality, and because there is no dock yet, some companies and owners are restricted from buying yachts.

Industry insiders said that in just a few years, the yachting industry has developed rapidly in Xiamen. There are many yachts in Wuyuan Bay Marina. There are more than 30 yacht companies. Fuzhou, as the capital city of Fujian Province, also has good river and sea resources to develop yachts Industry is very advantageous.

Hundreds of boats can be parked in the 19 yacht marina

According to the "Fuzhou City Yacht Industry Development Master Plan (2010-2025)", Fuzhou will build 18 yacht docks, of which, Jiangxin Park, Convention and Exhibition Island, Sanjiangkou and other yacht docks will be public docks. From 2010 to 2015, the construction of private docks will be the main focus, with the focus on the Min River, and the construction of 200 berths will be completed.

According to reports, most of the currently planned docks in Fuzhou are relatively far from the center of Fuzhou. There are not many rivers in the urban area, and the docks are not large. Most are docks that can only moor 1 to 3 yachts.

"We inspected the banks of the Minjiang River and thought that the river surface of the Cangxia area in the urban area was originally a flat-water wharf and had the natural conditions for building a wharf. In particular, we applied to the Fuzhou Municipal Government to add a Cangxia yacht wharf on the basis of the original plan" Zhang Bin told reporters that in the first phase, they planned to have a pier with 30 yachts. In the future, the planned construction scale can accommodate 100 yachts on the river surface of one kilometer along the route.

As for the layout of the yacht on the Minjiang River, will it affect the normal passage of the Minjiang waters, Zhang Bin said, "The construction of the wharf cannot affect the normal navigation of the river surface and the flood discharge of the Minjiang River." Therefore, the approval of the wharf is more complicated. Many departments such as maritime affairs and water conservancy need approval before planning and designing.

Test yacht driver's license requirements are not much when the yacht captain income is not bad

For many yacht companies, they are very aware that Fuzhou ’s Minjiang resources are very limited, so seizing the opportunity has become the choice of many companies and yacht companies in Fuzhou.

Zhang Bin told reporters that they will intervene in the training of yacht driving licenses. In the future, Fuzhou citizens can test their yacht licenses in Fuzhou, just like motor vehicle driving licenses. According to reports, there is currently only one test center in Xiamen.

"Various formalities are being processed, and various preparations for the test preparation site have been in full swing, and it is expected that the National Day can start classes. Currently there are more than one hundred names forecasted," Zhang Bin said. Between the ages of ~ 60 and the physical examination, there are not many requirements. "Currently, the cost of yacht training in Xiamen is about 20,000 yuan / person, and the training fee in Fuzhou will refer to this fee."

According to reports, in addition to people who like yachts and some yacht owners, yacht practitioners such as yacht sailors and captains are also the main training objects. "The current salary of the captain is not bad. The monthly income is about 7000 ~ 9000 yuan, so there are still many young people who like to work in this industry.

The yacht is a yacht of Chaoyang industry and also has 300,000 to 400,000 yuan

Zhang Bin told reporters that they also have a yacht company in Xiamen, mainly engaged in yacht sales, custody and other businesses. In recent years, he has witnessed the rise of the yacht industry in Xiamen, and also inspected the overseas yacht market.

"We are very optimistic about the Fuzhou market." Zhang Bin said that because Fuzhou is still in its infancy, their company will mainly focus on the construction and design of the yacht marina, as well as the custody, training, maintenance and leasing of the yacht on.



In the eyes of the industry, yachts are still high-end people used for business and leisure in the province, which is far away from ordinary people's lives . However, in the eyes of people in these industries, the yacht is a virgin place. "Yachts have become civilians overseas. Yachts are a kind of life and culture, not unattainable." According to reports, in the eyes of many Fuzhou citizens, yachts often cost several million yuan, but many civilian yachts in developed areas currently have only three or four hundred thousand yuan. It is not that citizens have no ability to consume, and charter yacht leisure will become a new way of relaxing.

The industry believes that Fuzhou Yacht is just beginning, with reasonable planning, reasonable allocation of resources, and orderly competition, yachts will become a new industry in Fuzhou. In the beginning, yachts faced high-end crowds, and many resources were inclined to high-end crowds. However, planning must consider the rational allocation and utilization of terminal resources in order to lay the foundation for the yacht industry to make a big cake. (Reporter Yang Yongmin Bao Hua intern Wen Biyuanwen / picture)


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