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China's Pride – Selling more than one million euros 58 ’luxury yachts in the European market

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China's Pride – Selling more than one million euros 58 ’luxury yachts in the European market

(Summary description)Mr. Lin Wen, Director / Deputy General Manager of Legg Yacht Industry Co., Ltd. Exported a 58-foot ultra-luxury yacht to the Italian market in Fuzhou Eleg Yacht on the west coast of the Strait in May 2011. The market price is 1.04 million euros. Some major yacht factories in Taiwan and the United States began to explore the mainland in view of the devaluation of the US dollar and the rise of foreign labor force, as well as the major factors of China's reform and opening up. At the beginning, there were only a few foreign-owned factories in Fujian and Xiamen Tianguo Shipyards in the coastal areas of Guangdong, Fujian Dafeng Yachts, Shenzhen Daqing Yachts and Ningbo Fuhai Shipyards.

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  Lin Wen Director / Vice President of Legg Yacht Industry Co., Ltd.

In May 2011, the Fuzhou Elegy yacht on the west coast of the Strait was exported to Italy. The market price of a 58-foot super luxury yacht was 1.04 million euros

Reasons Made in China

Luxury yachts began to explore the mainland from around 1992 in Taiwan and the US yacht factories in view of the devaluation of the US dollar and the rise of foreign labor force, coupled with China's reform and opening up. At the beginning, there were only a few foreign-owned factories in Fujian and Xiamen Tianguo Shipyards in the coastal areas of Guangdong, Fujian Dafeng Yachts, Shenzhen Daqing Yachts and Ningbo Fuhai Shipyards, and the ship size was only 30-40 feet. After nearly 20 years of hard work, from the early years, only ships with a selling price of more than 100,000 US dollars to the US market to dozens of hundreds of shipyards can engage in domestic and foreign sales, and some advanced and stable quality shipyards can ship Exported to Italy, France and other advanced countries in yacht design and manufacturing, and the size of the boat has gradually reached more than 60 feet from small to medium, and the selling price has also exceeded a million dollars of luxury yachts.

Transformation and changes of yacht manufacturing

Around 1998-2000 was the first transformation of Chinese yacht manufacturing. At this time, more foreign and domestic yacht manufacturers entered. At this time, the number of yachts exported has reached 200-300 per year, and most of the yacht materials and equipment It is imported from abroad, and the manufacturing technology meets the requirements of foreign customers through the guidance of foreign buyers and dispatched technicians. However, the ship type is still basically standardized manufacturing. The optional accessories and optional equipment are all manufactured and installed locally by foreign agents.

After 2005, it is considered that another yacht factory has entered another stage, and the ship type and size are more mature. It has accumulated 10 years of manufacturing and sales experience in the country. Foreign buyers are more aware of and trust Chinese yachts, and several are exported. The shipyard's products have also laid a solid market in the United States and Europe. Like Ocean Alexander of Pinghu Dongchang Yacht, Selene of Dongguan Jieteng Shipbuilding has a good reputation in the United States, and Adagio of Fuzhou Elegy Yachts in Italy, France and Europe Has a very high visibility. The style, size, equipment, manufacturing process and design capabilities of the ship have made great progress. Some shipyards can also move from standardized yachts to customized yachts. Their communication with foreign buyers and their own design capabilities have great Relevance, the technology is mature and has a great leap for the installation of electrical circuits, electrical equipment, hydraulic systems and electronic navigation systems. With the update of materials and technologies, as well as the understanding of yacht use and maintenance The same day.

From 2010 to 2011, with the strong support of the central and local governments, tourism development such as Hainan and Xiamen and the formation of yacht clubs are new directions for the growth of the yacht industry. At the same time, many shipyards regard domestic sales as the main market, which is worth looking forward to. What is necessary is to have good quality to be able to operate sustainably.

Manufacturing process / technology and design changes

In the early 1990s, yacht manufacturing was limited to the processing of incoming materials. Most of them were foreign-owned yacht factories. They carried orders and technologies to use cheap land and cheap labor in China, and used the ready-made old drawings to make simpler yacht exports. Teachers sent from abroad lead new workers, hand-in-hand training, from the production / closing / repairing of glass fiber reinforced plastic molds and finished hull decks, carpentry from longitudinal beam bulkheads to furniture and post-decoration, circuit laying, equipment installation / During commissioning, most of the yacht factories are mostly with incomplete systems and poor management capabilities. The yachts manufactured in this period are generally relatively simple and belong to the cheap export yachts.

After 2005, professional technicians gradually gained considerable experience, and at the same time, they gradually cultivated excellent cadres. Since there are more craftsmen and cadres in yacht factories, the demand for technicians and cadres is also increased. The guidance of technicians has led to a better way for this batch of outstanding staff and cadres, which has led to the improvement of China's yacht manufacturing capacity. At this stage, the yacht factory has entered the OEM OEM period, many factories have the ability to OEM for foreign dealers, and the export volume is also large. The manufacturing of yachts is relatively more mature; some yacht factories have begun to use advanced glass fiber reinforced plastics technology, and the use of new composite materials to increase the strength of the hull and increase the weight of the hull is thinner. With the accumulation of design capabilities, the ship types are more diverse and there are more streamlined yachts. Some of the yacht factories can have the development design and manufacturing capabilities for a series of products. For example, the trawler ship type can be continuously manufactured from 35 feet to 60 feet. The streamlined ship also began to hire Italian designers to design advanced products. The requirements for equipment to increase the length of the ship have also increased, so many high-priced high-performance equipment / materials have also been imported from abroad, such as the installation and use of high-horsepower engines, the installation and use of hydraulic stabilizers, and the installation and Use, spraying technology of metal PU paint, installation of the entire ship's electronic monitoring system, the process of FRP vacuum suction and even the use of environmentally friendly oil and gas conversion engines ... etc. These can be seen in domestic yacht factories with stable quality and management Yacht products with excellent system.

Supply of yacht equipment / materials

Based on the increase in the manufacturing and sales of yacht factories, the supply of materials and equipment at home and abroad is essential. The quality of domestic material suppliers has made great progress in recent years; the manufacturing and export volume of glass fiber, the main material for shipbuilding, is already in China. The world's largest supplier country, its quality is also world-class. Plywood and teak veneer, hardware parts, and plastic accessories have been exported for many years, and the quality is the same as that of foreign countries. They have long replaced imported products.
At present, in view of the vigorous development of the domestic yacht market, foreign equipment manufacturers mostly have branches or agents in China to seize this market cake. If according to the demand for 10,000 yachts in the early days of our 1.4 billion population, this ratio is not high! With the current production capacity of domestic yacht factories, it will take several years to digest these 10,000 yachts! Think about the future potential of our market is absolutely limitless.

There is a potential crisis in the workforce

In addition to being a product, the yacht is also a large and delicate craft. The total number of domestic yacht yards has grown too fast, and the number of professionally skilled labor has felt in recent years. The labor of yacht manufacturing requires long-term professional accumulation and training. The rapid growth of the yacht factory has caused the situation that the shipyards rob each other of the workers. There are almost no specialized vocational schools in the country such as fiberglass hand lay-up mechanics and woodworking who can do tenons. Cultivating, the future must be a fault. The electricians, installers and painters on other yachts are relatively easy to find in the general decoration-like service industry. In the future, the government should pay special attention to the education of the two majors of carpentry and glass fiber reinforced plastics in vocational schools. Chinese traditional furniture carpentry does not use gun nails or iron nails, but uses tenons to do the combination. Made according to our traditional old carpentry construction method.

Manufacturing luxury yachts with optimized quality and high added value

Chinese yachts have 20 years of manufacturing experience, and in the future, they will go in the direction of high quality, high value and high service. Several domestic yacht manufacturers have reached world-class quality, their products exported to Europe and America have a certain market share, and the selling price is not lower than the level of local manufacturing in Europe and America. For example, the 58 'luxury yacht exported by Fuzhou Elegy Yachts sells for 1.04 million euros in the Italian market. Its hull glass fiber reinforced plastic manufacturing and woodworking decoration, indoor and outdoor paint spraying levels have exceeded European local manufacturing processes. Circuits and installation processes are also Europe is equivalent, coupled with comfortable and elegant design and high-performance control suitable for Europeans, to create such a high product value.

58 'flybridge upper bridge (upper and lower dual-station driving system)
glass fiberglass upper bridge has a glorious and flawless appearance, a dashboard equipped with advanced electronic equipment, a comfortable and elegant leather driving chair, and a wide and infinite view brings under the sun The joy of driving control.

58 'flybridge bridge

The European imported BBQ facilities on the fly bridge bring the pleasure of barbecue on the water. Such an environment as leather sofas and durable glass fiber reinforced plastic countertops, refrigerators and hot and cold water washing tanks is really a rare enjoyment.

BBQ equipment on
58 'flybridge Leather seats on 58' flybridge

The teak folding light table and chairs behind the driver's platform on the 58 'flybridge. The large flybridge design has more space behind the driver's seat, leather sofa and BBQ lounge area. A full set of folding tables and chairs can be placed in the back.
Teak folding light table and chairs behind 58 'upper bridge

58 'indoor cockpit and corner of the kitchen bar (upper and lower dual-station driving system) The
cockpit is a separate indoor cab, with a luxurious leather driving chair and a 2-person sofa. The engine control and hydraulic stabilizing wing device ensure smooth driving and enjoy driving pleasure.
Imported double-glazed large windows have a wide field of view, enhancing heat insulation and air conditioning effects.
Imported electric blinds and fabric curtains are luxurious and beautiful.
The cab and the kitchen inside the ship, a large two-door refrigerator, a dishwasher, a three-eye induction cooker, a range hood, hot and cold water washing, a coffee machine and ample storage space, whether it is a small stir-fried snack to entertain guests, it is convenient. of.

A corner of
58 'cockpit and kitchen bar 58' a corner of cockpit and kitchen bar

58 'Salon Warehouse The
large salon warehouse has a full set of leather sofas, teak solid wood coffee table, six-seater dining table and chairs, and electric piano to bring luxurious and comfortable leisure space.
Whole ship air-conditioning and heating equipment.
Imported double-glazed large windows, wide vision and good thermal insulation effect.
Imported electric venetian blinds and fabric curtains are beautiful and elegant.

58 'A corner of the salon

The 58 'ground floor warehouse has two bedrooms, each with a large double bed and a separate bathroom. The bathrooms are designed for wet and dry separation, automatic thermostatic shower, vacuum aircraft toilet, and a full set of Kohler bathroom equipment.
The bedroom is equipped with a luxurious teak desk with teak chair, a double leather leisure sofa, a dressing table, and a ship-wide cooler and heater configuration, bringing a comfortable and restful sleep.
58 'corner of master bedroom

58 'a corner of the bathroom with wet and dry separation

58 'exterior configuration and metal PU paint on the hull of the
exterior deck is installed with teak wood flooring (18mm thick), the bow is attached to the windlass to withstand 3500 pounds and 100M stainless steel anchor chain, outdoor leather double seats, Portuguese walkway, Raymarine radar navigation , Autopilot, satellite antenna receiving complete system, enlarged tail diving platform with Opecmarine gangway, 4 front and rear hydraulic winches, hydraulic bow thrust / stern thrust, hydraulic stabilizer and so on.
The exterior of the hull uses International Awlgrip metal PU paint. The metal paint spraying technology is the first time used in China. The process technology is very difficult and the construction is carried out by foreign masters.
58'Appearance of spraying metal PU paint

58 'engine room and related equipment configuration The
engine room and the whole ship use imported sound insulation materials to minimize noise.
VolvoD9 double car engine, ElicheRadice twin-screw, hydraulic WESMAR stabilizer, a hydraulic winch 4, WESMAR stern hydraulic bow thruster equipment, generators Onan 22.5KW, double tank, double tank, water tank, water heater ....
Ship and use The equipment and materials have completely passed the CE classification society inspection standards.
A corner of the cabin

A corner of the cabin

A corner of the
cabin a corner of the cabin


To build a perfect yacht is a product of multiple departments and a combination of multiple processes.
The accumulation of long-term experience, comprehensive design capabilities, long-term training of professional technicians, good team management, strict quality control and complete after-sales service system, plus capital / time investment, will get the international and domestic markets Recognition.

Wish all domestic yacht manufacturers to go

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