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Who can play yacht in China

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Who can play yacht in China

(Summary description)"Yacht" used to be synonymous with top luxury and was equated with the royal family, celebrities and the rich. However, with the increasingly diverse functions and designs of yachts, "playing yachts" has become a fashion-friendly way of sports and leisure. Generally speaking, families with per capita monthly income of more than 20,000 yuan can rent yachts, and those with annual income of more than 1 million yuan can only buy a yacht. And the cost of buying a yacht should not be higher than 10% of its own assets, so if you buy a yacht of 500,000, its own assets should be more than 5 million. Yacht life may start from now on

  • Categories:Yacht Culture
  • Author:Ellegro
  • Origin:Netease Woman
  • Time of issue:2014-03-30 08:28
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"Yacht" used to be synonymous with top luxury and was equated with the royal family, celebrities and the rich. However, with the increasingly diverse functions and designs of yachts, "playing yachts" has become a fashion-friendly way of sports and leisure.

      Generally speaking, families with per capita monthly income of more than 20,000 yuan are able to rent yachts, and those with annual income of more than 1 million yuan are suitable for buying a yacht. And the cost of buying a yacht should not be higher than 10% of its own assets, so if you buy a yacht of 500,000, its own assets should be more than 5 million.


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Yacht life may start now

yacht or boat? Different in size

Small yacht under 36 feet (about 11 meters)

36 ~ 60 (about 11 ~ 18 meters) medium-sized yacht

Large luxury yacht above 60 feet (about 18 meters)

Strictly speaking, only ships with a length of more than 10 meters and a price of more than 100,000 US dollars can be called yachts, and below this can only be called boats.

Different places of origin: yacht pedigree

Italian yachts are romantic, luxurious and elegant in design, and are the best representative of modern yacht trends.

American yachts pay attention to personalized design and can reflect their personal taste.

British yachts have a strong classic noble atmosphere.

Australia and other countries also have well-known yacht brands.

Whether you are buying or renting, if you decide to join the family of yachts, your sense of entertainment alone is one step ahead.

Fujian Ailege Yacht Industry Co., Ltd.

The little "home" on the big ship

Set up a "home" at sea: talk about buying a boat

The price of the yacht ranges from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions, and the dinghy is between 200 and 2 million yuan; the price of mainstream leisure yachts is mostly 1 to 4 million yuan, and the length of the boat is generally 28 feet to 45 feet The price of a commercial yacht with a length of more than 45 feet is more than 5 million yuan; a luxury yacht with a length of more than 80 feet can reach tens of millions of yuan or even hundreds of millions. The larger the yacht, the more luxurious the interior decoration, and the more expensive the price. Generally speaking, yachts produced in Taiwan, China are 2/3 of the price of yachts produced in the United States, half of Italy. British yacht prices are even higher.

There are two types of yacht purchases: "Buy Now" and "Yacht Order". Buying imported yachts is more complicated than domestic yachts.

The steps to purchase a current boat are: 1. Determine the brand and model of the yacht you want to buy; 2. Determine the delivery date and delivery port or delivery address; 3. Sign a purchase contract with the dealer; 4. Pay the payment; 5. Yacht After arriving at the place of delivery, both parties go through the inspection and handover procedures.

The steps for ordering a yacht are slightly different : 1. Determine the brand, model and required accessory brand of the yacht to be purchased; 2. Sign a purchase contract with the dealer; 3. Confirm the delivery date and delivery port after confirmation by the shipyard; 4 Pay the deposit; 5. The dealer places the order to the shipyard and pays the deposit to the shipyard, and the shipyard begins to manufacture; 6. The yacht pays the full amount before it is built and shipped (some of them pay another 50% and retain the remaining 20%); 7. The yacht arrives In Hong Kong, go through customs clearance procedures and domestic transportation; 8. Both parties go through inspection and handover procedures.

It takes at least 2 to 3 months from signing to delivery. During this waiting period, the agent will start to apply for the ship's position, license and insurance; you will need to start the basic course of study or examination.

Buying a boat is actually like buying a car. The price of a yacht is not just as simple as the cost of a single boat. The expenses involved in buying a boat include the standard configuration of the yacht, optional equipment, packaging fees, transportation costs, insurance fees, customs duties, and VAT. , Miscellaneous services, etc. In addition, after the purchase, there will be yacht maintenance fees, repair fees, license fees, channel usage fees, berth rental fees and other fees.

The payment process can be divided into three stages. When signing the contract, 30% of the total price is used as the signing fee. When the agent shows you the proof of shipment (at this time, your ship has been packaged and ready to be shipped to the Chinese port), then you Need to pay 50% of the total price (at this time the agent has paid the full ship price). At the time of delivery, you have confirmed that the ship type, specifications, and equipment meet the order. The procedures for launching the sea trial and transfer registration are complete, and you need to pay the remaining 20%.

You can also choose a loan to buy a boat, and the dealer will help you handle this business at the bank.

"Knowing yourself"

In order to avoid the regret after the silver flower goes out, it is most important to find out what your needs are. In addition to making a mental budget, choosing a yacht must suit your own preferences. First of all, you must find out the most frequently used items: family travel? Sea fishing? Marine business club? diving? In most cases, how many people go to sea together ... These are very important, not only how many feet of boat to buy, but also different types of boats (sea fishing has special sea fishing boats, but also special family yachts and sailing boats ), Although most yachts now take care of all the functions, they are still biased. If you choose improperly, you will inevitably regret when you play the boat.

seeing is believing

When buying a boat, you should try to see the spot of the actual ship. If there is no new ship, you should also look at the ship that has been sold and communicate with other shipowners who have purchased the boat. In fact, it is very important to watch a few more boats before starting. After all, this water toy is not as much in contact as a car. It has been seen a lot, and I have a deep understanding of the quality, design and configuration of the yacht. In addition, it is also necessary to confirm whether the seller can provide complete after-sale protection services. The main technical documents of the yacht-hull layout drawing, equipment list and operation guide must also be read clearly. In particular, it should be noted that the main and auxiliary engines of the yacht also have separate system files.

How to "bring" a yacht

Smashing money is a very happy thing and the easiest thing. "Raising" a yacht is the most energy-intensive task. The yacht also needs to be listed, verified, and abide by traffic regulations at sea.

After purchasing a boat, go to the Maritime Safety Administration for ownership registration and nationality registration, including purchase invoices, factory certificates, legal identity certificates, ship technical information and photos, etc., and give the yacht a good name and apply for the registration of “ship ownership certificate”. Then you should apply for inspection to the ship inspection department, obtain a ship inspection certificate, and then obtain a "ship nationality certificate" from the Maritime Safety Administration. In this way, your yacht has the "right to sail".

Obtain a driver's license: If you want to enjoy the pleasure of sailing aboard a boat, you must obtain a yacht driver's license. As with a private jet driver's license, it is quite difficult to obtain a yacht driver's license.

Looking at the charts is a basic skill. You must master the sea lanes, anchorages, traffic-intensive areas and marine breeding areas. You should avoid these areas as much as possible when driving the yacht. It is necessary to cross the channel as straight as possible; if your yacht approves the "voyage The "area" is large enough to allow outgoing voyages, follow the general direction of the ship and travel on the outer edge of the channel, and do not affect the navigation of large ships; the same is true when entering the port.

The boat control is very different from the vehicle control, especially under the action of surge, waves and wind, so the control technology is also critical. Finally, we must learn to identify the navigation aids at sea and the number of lights (night) on the ship (daytime). All kinds of ships, such as maritime navigation, berthing, construction, fishing, and faults, are showing different kinds of lights and types. Only if you have mastered these "signs" can you avoid and take various safety in a reasonable and reasonable manner. Measures.


Sailing: To obtain a yacht driving license, you must go to a qualified yacht club. The examination and certification agency is the maritime department. According to regulations, ships entering, leaving or navigating and operating in the port should apply for visas from the port supervision or the visa station they set up. At the same time, the yacht must also have a “ship safety inspection record book”.

Mooring: The yachts cannot be parked at will. They are generally moored in the yacht harbor. The yacht dock is lined with floating docks supported by rows of pontoons. On both sides of the floating dock, there are cement reinforced piles deep into the seabed to fix the tide. None will affect the safety of the yacht. Water, electricity and oil pipelines are laid next to each berth.

According to the size of the boat, the cost of the berth is also rising. Take the minimum 6-meter berth (19.7 feet) as an example. If you rent a berth, the daily rent is about 300 yuan, the monthly rent is about 7,000 yuan, and the annual rent is nearly 80,000 yuan. For 20 years, the long-term berth sales price will reach nearly one million yuan.

Yacht management

After purchasing a yacht, the next step involves the management of the yacht. The contents of the yacht management are complicated and not easy. Throughout the world, the management of yachts can be summarized in the following ways:

First, it is directly handed over to the yacht sales company at the time of purchase. Many ship owners choose this method because the yacht sales company has professional maintenance personnel, so that the maintenance and repair of the yacht can be more convenient and worry-free. But this way will inevitably produce a phenomenon-moral hazard and adverse selection.

Second, the yacht owner manages it himself. Many yacht owners believe that the management of yachts is simple, and hiring a captain and several sailors can cope with it. As everyone knows, yacht management requires professional captains and sailors to maintain cleanliness, otherwise there will inevitably be a lot of problems due to small losses.

Third, leave it to the yacht club for management. In foreign countries, most yachts are managed by clubs. In line with the development of the Chinese yacht industry, yacht clubs have sprung up, and most of them can also provide yacht management services. However, judging from the current status of domestic yacht clubs, management is not their strength, but more inclined to focus on berth leasing, membership development, yacht leasing and sales, and even the development and sales of yacht-related real estate. Lose one another.

Fourth, hand over to a professional yacht management company. At present, there are some yacht management companies in China, specializing in providing transportation, certification, cleaning, maintenance, and maintenance services for customers. Because of their professionalism, they are at ease.

Global boat show purchase guide

Almost all foreign boat shows, in addition to yacht displays, will incorporate many entertainment items and other related activities in addition to product sales to attract more tourists. For example, a costume show was held on the main stage at the London Yacht Show early this year; the Palm Beach Yacht Show in the United States has music festivals and free fishing training services every year; and the Asian Yacht Show in Singapore in 2007 (Boat Asian) There is even an entertainment project such as a beauty contest. These interesting additional activities are also not to be missed by visitors. Generally speaking, spectators participating in foreign yacht shows are allowed to board the boat, and business representatives are also obliged to answer customer questions about the yacht itself and purchases at any time.

A notable problem is that it is best to wear a pair of deck shoes or at least soft-soled shoes to visit, so that it is convenient for the merchant to agree to wear your shoes to visit the interior. Of course, some businesses will require visitors to take off their shoes before they can go on board, especially those super yacht manufacturers. For example, if you go to the Cannes Yacht Show in France, where super yachts are gathered, and you want to board a few more large boats, it is best to pay special attention to wearing. Otherwise, it is not always necessary to let you get on the boat.

Super Yacht Party: Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco is a small European country, but it has cultivated the world-famous super yacht show-Monaco Yacht Show. The exhibition is held in Monaco in late September every year. In recent years, it has attracted about 90 superyachts to participate in the exhibition, with a length of 25-90 meters. In 2007, the exhibition area reached 8,750 square meters, and 95 yachts were exhibited (50% between 40-90 meters). The fare is higher at 50 Euros, so the number of viewers is relatively small. In 2007, the figure was 24,000. In 2007, a total of 500 exhibitors were attracted, and all the top 15 superyacht manufacturers in the world attended the meeting.

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Dusseldorf Yacht Show

Largest inland yacht show: Dusseldorf Yacht Show

Are the scenes where many finished superyachts are completely exposed to the air off the water? Then you go to the Dusseldorf Yacht Show in Germany. Germany is a big country in the manufacture of superyachts. The ultra-high yacht quality inherited from steel and aluminum super-yachts also made German yachts famous all over the world. Those who are interested in the country ’s yachts ca n’t miss the country ’s largest yacht show, Dusseldorf Yacht Show (also the world ’s largest inland show).

The exhibition is held in Dusseldorf on the Rhine River in Germany in late January every year. In 2007, the exhibition area reached 22,1200 square meters. The exhibition area was 5 kilometers away from the city and 2 kilometers away from the airport. The fare for the year was 14 Euros, with a total of 273,000 visitors and 1,641 exhibitors, including 653 from outside Germany.

Fujian Ailege Yacht Industry Co., Ltd.

Genoa Yacht Show

Italian Yacht Paradise: Genoa Yacht Show

Compared with the practicality of American yachts, Italian yachts are more famous for their elegance and fashion. And from the point of view of the yachts sold in the mainland, the slightly better sales value of Italian yachts also seems to indicate that the European style (especially the Italian style) is more popular with mainland consumers. Therefore, if you love the style of Apennines, it is definitely a good choice to go directly to the Genoa Yacht Show, the largest comprehensive yacht show in Italy. The Genoa Yacht Show is held in early October each year, with an exhibition area of ​​300,000 square meters and a ticket price of 13 euros. A total of 324,000 viewers were attracted in 2007. A total of 1,650 exhibitors participated, including 594 foreign exhibitors.

Most concerned about the minor yacht show: Toronto Boat Show

In many foreign exhibitions, most of them have discounts for minors, but the biggest preferential policy in this regard does not seem to be the above-mentioned large-scale international exhibitions, but the Toronto Yacht Show held in mid-January every year. The yacht show held in January 2008 (which coincides with the 50th birthday of the show) stipulates that: for children to take a yacht model made by themselves to visit, parents are also completely free (fare is about $ 13). The exhibition area is 59,157 square meters. Statistics in 2007 showed that the exhibition attracted a total of 90,270 visitors that year. A total of 600 companies participated in the exhibition, but only 10 foreign exhibitors.

       The Grand Collection of Sails: Complete Sailing Show

Despite the continuous impact of hurricanes, the storm of the US dollar exchange rate and the decline in the consumer confidence index, the United States is still the world's number one yacht market, and its domestic yacht exhibition has already been subdivided. And the active Americans are not only crazy about fishing, but also their hobby of sailing, otherwise we will not see so many American sailing and sailing activities in the world sailing industry. Strictly Sail Shows in the United States is the world's famous professional series of sailing shows. The show management will hold an annual sailing show in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Miami, Oakland, Petersburg and Norfolk. The Chicago station is the largest station. The area of ​​the clubhouse of the Chicago Sailing Show is 16,351 square meters. It is 7.5 kilometers from the city center and 48 kilometers from the airport. The ticket price of the exhibition in 2007 was 12-15 US dollars, attracting a total of 19,500 visitors.

During the exhibition, numerous sailing conferences, sailing club meetings and manufacturing seminars were held in the Midwest. The Chicago Complete Sailing Station attracted 245 exhibitors in 2007, including only 12 foreign exhibitors.


World's No. 1 Yacht Show: Fort Lauderdale Yacht Show

The well-known first yacht show in the world is the United Nations in the yacht world. It is held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA in late October each year. The amphibious exhibition area is distributed in 6 different locations, of which 4 water exhibition areas are particularly large and influential, reaching 278,709 square meters, only 1 km from the city center and 4 km from the airport.

In 2006, the number of ticket purchase visitors reached 140,000. Florida, which has a mild climate for many years, is a yacht paradise in the United States. Many yacht manufacturers in the region and the United States have given the exhibition great support. In 2006, a total of 1,068 exhibitors were attracted, of which 110 were from outside the United States.

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Leisure time on the sea

"Borrowing" is a half-day leisure: Let's talk about the "tide" things of chartering

In recent years, with the rapid economic development, Chinese people's awareness and acceptance of yacht culture is also increasing. According to the incomplete statistics of the organizer of the 2012 China (Shanghai) International Boat Show, it is known as the "vane of the yacht industry" This year's exhibition claimed a total of 2.2 billion transactions, a record high. Among them, “cheap boats” with prices ranging from 300,000 to 600,000 yuan are the most popular. The popularity of “from rich to white-collar workers” in the yacht industry is becoming increasingly prominent, and the consumer class of yachts is gradually forming.

Unlike ordinary land vehicles such as automobiles, in addition to fuel power and daily maintenance costs, China still has considerable restrictions on yacht parking and driving qualifications. Therefore, for most people, chartering a yacht through a yacht club is a more economical way to experience it. Surfing, swimming, diving, sea fishing, talks, banquets, parties, even marriage proposal, travel ... you may also choose a sunny or memorable day, following the following rental methods, invite your loved ones Friends or business partners send their love yachts together and "rent" for half a day.

Yacht party fun

"Yacht party" often appears in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and the United States movie lens, and now it has become within reach in real life.

In July last year, Mr. Zhang, who worked in finance, commissioned a well-known yacht club in Shanghai to organize a grand yacht birthday party for Aiko. "Last year happened to be my son's 18th birthday. We decided to celebrate his birthday in a more special way. And in 2010 I once attended a small-scale sea party with friends in Hong Kong, so I came up with the idea of ​​choosing a yacht. For children studying in an international school, it is necessary to invite 4 foreign friends. The club has specially arranged and planned a bilingual host reception and a live magic show. Regarding the relaxed and active party atmosphere that night and the beautiful night view of Pujiang, family and friends are still raving . Although the 3-hour rental fee is a bit higher than the traditional banquet, this unique memory of the guest and host still makes me feel value for money. "

Yacht party recommended boat type: medium-sized yachts such as Sea Stella53, Artemis48

Recommended reason: The yacht party is different from the cruise party, which is a small-scale party suitable for more than a dozen friends and family. Considering the event space and supporting entertainment facilities required for the party, it is more appropriate to choose a medium-sized yacht of about 50 feet. Taking the 53-inch Sea Stella leisure boat as an example, this elegant boat with flybridge has good wave breaking performance and can provide a fairly smooth and comfortable sailing experience for the party. The LCD TV, luxury bar, ktv equipment, chess and card activity room and viewing deck designed for young people on the boat can also add a lot to the entertainment of the party celebration. The Artemis 48-foot yacht is a new yacht launched in 2010. In addition to being equipped with LCD TVs, KTV equipment, viewing decks, luxury salons and VIP bedrooms, it also has good privacy. It is the party of choice for low-key people.

Carrying capacity: 12

Rental price: 4500 ~ 6800 yuan / hour (up and down according to different yacht models and member discounts)

Staffing: 1 captain, 1 sailor and 1 service staff

Supporting services: small-scale safety training, creative planning, yacht meals, venue layout

Appointment suggestions: Generally, appointments should be made 3 days in advance. If you need the yacht club to assist in creative planning or venue arrangement, it is recommended that you make an appointment in advance according to your own situation.

Yacht proposal surprise

When it comes to the word "proposal", it's hard not to let people fall into the pink imagination. The yacht proposal is actually a romantic choice.

White-collar Mr. Shan successfully exchanged his girlfriend's tearful sentence "I DO" through the yacht proposal. "I have been in love with my girlfriend for 4 years. I have been thinking about how to choose the most beautiful scene to show her heart since last summer. Candlelight restaurant? Lawn fireflies? Bund sky private room? ... After careful consideration several times, I finally chose to create a "two-person world" on the yacht's water. First, because my girlfriend loves the sea scene of "Titanic", and secondly, I want to express myself in this way "Tian Gong Jian, Haiyue Shanmeng's determination."

Recommended type of yacht proposal: small yachts such as BAVARIA38

Reason for recommendation: Proposal is generally best suited to be done in a sweet space that is relatively intimate and intimate. In addition to the protagonist, sometimes the man will invite several close friends to witness. Combined with the above reasons for comprehensive consideration, it is more appropriate to choose a small yacht with a capacity of about 10 people. Take the 38-foot luxury yacht of the famous German brand BAVARIA as an example. This yacht has a stylish appearance and a retro and elegant interior decoration. The main cabin salon has a professional lighting floor and stage sound, and the cabin is a beautiful sun deck, regardless of the boat. Outside is the ideal place to propose.

Carrying capacity: 10 people

Average rental price: 4500 ~ 5000 yuan / hour (floating up and down according to different yacht models and member discounts)

Staffing: 1 captain, 1 sailor and 1 service staff

Supporting services: small safety training, creative planning, venue layout, personnel assistance

Appointment advice: Generally, you should make an appointment at least 3 days in advance. If the yacht club is required to assist in creative planning or venue arrangement, if the yacht club is required to assist in creative planning or venue arrangement, it is recommended that you make an appointment in advance according to the actual situation.

Yacht Cocktail Play Business

In addition to party entertainment and romantic interpretation, the yacht is also a good carrier for business contacts. Most of the yachts suitable for business meetings are large and medium-sized yachts with complete facilities and luxurious decoration. Their comfort and luxury are no less than those of high-end star hotels. Inviting your business partners or clients to enjoy a wine tasting on the yacht is another fashionable and decent business communication method besides golf and equestrian.

Recommended ship types: PRINCESS 54, Sea Stella 63 and other medium and large yachts

Reason for recommendation: Business meetings generally require a more spacious and comfortable internal environment and higher security and privacy, suitable for the selection of medium and large high-end yachts. Take the Sea Stella 63-foot luxury yacht as an example. The yacht has a multi-functional meeting room (for 20 people to meet in the salon at the same time), independent KTV (equipped with a high-end automatic song system), chess and card entertainment (equipped with an automatic Mahjong table) Mini bar (with self-adjustable bar counter), luxury bedroom and other functions are integrated, and the performance of the yacht is extremely stable. It is one of the most advanced luxury yacht series in China and is favored by business people. The PRINCESS 54-foot yacht from the UK is a world-renowned classic yacht. The cabin interiors are designed by British designers, using a lot of rare wood, all details are focused on conveying the characteristics of luxury and comfort. The flying bridge area on the boat, the main cabin salon, the bar, and the advanced cabin can meet different forms of business meetings. In addition, the fully functional kitchen on the boat can fully meet the needs of some high-end business receptions.

Capacity limit: 15 people

Average rental price: 7000 ~ 12000 yuan / hour (floating up and down according to different yacht models and member discounts)

Crewing: 1 captain, 1 sailor and 1 service staff

Supporting services: venue layout, yacht meals, security services

Reservation time: generally need to make an appointment 3 days in advance

Yacht fishing and leisure

Fish hunting is still the most popular yacht leisure. Imagine putting aside the troubles of the world and leisurely "waiting for the wisher to hook" between the blue sky and the blue sky.

However, because sea fishing requires reasonable selection of the sea area and climate, it is recommended that friends who are not very experienced in sea fishing can choose to get hooked through the collective sea plan organized by the yacht club regularly. The collective travel plan is generally coordinated by the yacht club to coordinate the time and ship type. According to Mr. Zhou Rui, the operation manager of Shanghai Yihong Hess Club Yacht Club, the most popular sea fishing route is the Shengsi Archipelago route. Hess will organize a 2-day Shengsi sea experience every month from May to October. The single quotation is about 10,000 yuan. If you want to travel with friends and family of about 10 people, you can also choose a more free and flexible charter program. The whole package price of the whole boat is about 100,000 yuan.

Special reminder: Because yachting involves a series of more complicated application filing procedures, it is best to make appointments for non-members to travel about 1 month in advance.


Tips for yacht charter

Some yacht clubs offer VIP prepaid card (membership card) discounts, that is, customers who pre-store a certain amount in the card can enjoy yacht rental discounts. For example, guests of Yihong Yacht can enjoy a 30% discount on boat rental with the pre-deposited amount of 100,000 yuan. Individuals and companies with frequent leases may wish to consider such preferential policies for prepaid cards.

For safety reasons, the upper limit of the number of passengers stipulated on a single yacht is generally 12 people. For large-scale marine activities, it is recommended to rent yachts or large cruise ships in stages or in batches.

Some yacht clubs will deduct some or all of the high deposit when canceling the reservation. It is recommended that you pay attention to the payment method of the rental fee and the economic risks that may result from cancellation when booking.

The above content represents only the personal views of the presenter.

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