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service system

service system

With the purpose of serving customers, the company provides innovative solutions in response to new requirements put forward by customers. The service content is as follows: maintenance management: providing systematic operation manuals and operation guides for yachts, formulating table management standards, according to customers Need to provide full hosting services. VIP service: Plan navigation routes, tailor-made for customers, provide round-the-clock butler-style services, service items covering a wide range of services, such as global network and vessel interoperability, provide a full range of support for shipowners' happy sailing. Advanced customization service: After being carefully designed by ALLEGROYSCHI, it not only meets the needs of the ship, but also meets the customer-specific temperament connotation, demonstrating dignity and generosity. Modification and transformation: a design team with more than 20 years of experience and superb and professional technical staff. Replacement of second-hand ships: to realize the replacement needs of ship owners. Crew training: Assist in the selection and training of qualified crew members to complete the highest standards of yacht operation. Operation management: vessel naming, market leasing services, etc. Financial Services: Provide personalized financing solutions. Certificate handling: practitioners who are familiar with various domestic regulations and management regulations, assist shipowners in handling all types of ship licenses, ownership certificates, nationality certificates, etc.
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