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TrawlerBoat Trawler Fishing Yacht Procurement Guide

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TrawlerBoat Trawler Fishing Yacht Procurement Guide

(Summary description)TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yacht purchase guide Big class. The TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yacht is the main type of yacht exported by China in the past 10 years. The length is from 35 feet to 60 feet. The number of exports exceeds 1,000.

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TrawlerBoat Trawler Fishing Yacht Procurement Guide

         Luxury yachts are a bright spot in the domestic marine sports and leisure market in recent years. Generally speaking, medium and large yachts can be divided into three categories: PowerBoat fast boat yachts, SailBoat sailboats and TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yachts. The TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yacht is the main type of yacht exported by China in the past 10 years. The length is from 35 feet to 60 feet. More than 1,000 ships are exported to the United States, Europe and Australia.
      TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yachts are often confused with general fishing boats. In fact, TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yachts evolved from the use and experience of fishing shrimp boats in the United States as early as 60-70 years ago. TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yachts are generally designed with long and deep keels, cruising speed is around 10 knots, and the panoramic view is very good.
Standard TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yachts have larger capacity tanks for longer endurance, while providing users with more comfortable space and stable sea cruise comfort.

Difference between TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yacht and general PowerBoat fast boat yacht

• The TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yacht is equipped with a relatively small engine, unlike the high-speed cruising ability of a fast boat yacht.
• TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yachts generally provide a cruising speed of 10 knots, unlike fast boat yachts that have a speed of 20-30 knots.
• TrawlerBoat trawler-type luxury yacht uses less fuel consumption. In the era of energy saving and environmental protection, it is a boat type with good economy.
• TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yacht can provide long-distance cruising ability, fast boat can not do it.
• TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yachts have more storage space and can continue to cruise for more than a week, and fast boat yachts are not.
• TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yachts provide more water and oil storage capacity, and fast boat yachts can't do it.

TrawlerBoat Trawler-type luxury yacht features and advantages

• Good economy during use, as long as the fuel consumption is less than 20 liters / hour, it can reach a cruising speed of 9-10 knots.
• Large oil tank and large water tank.
• More storage space in the cabin with many kitchens, cabinets and drawers.
• Larger rudder and hydraulic rudder system make handling easier.
• A large amount of teak solid wood is used in the cabin decoration and engine room, teak is particularly waterproof.
• The slower engine speed will not cause serious wear problems after the engine is used for 20,000 hours.
• The transaction price of second-hand boats will also be much higher than that of ordinary fast boat yachts.

What kind of waterline design will affect the performance of the ship

    To choose a good TrawlerBoat trawler type luxury yacht hull design must be fully drained or semi-drained.
The fully drained hull design is generally used in transoceanic waters. This hull design can provide a greater effective load capacity. Although it can not float on the surface when accelerating like a fast boat yacht, this design can directly drive the engine power to the hull. The general hull design is provided in a more arc shape. Smoother driving.
    The hull design semi-drainage type is generally used in coastal waters and is not recommended for transoceanic use. This hull has a more rounded front and a flatter rear design, which provides more speed but sacrifices a bit of comfort.

Several basic forms of TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yacht

Classic or Aft Cabin Aft Cabin Picture

      Classic TrawlerBoat Trawler Fishing Trawler Luxury Yacht with classic cabin and aft cabin, as the name suggests, provides a wide rear deck and two doors for easy access to the salon, and the lower deck height allows you to board and disembark easily. The flybridge design also provides hospitality space on the bridge. Attached to the traditional mast and boom, if necessary, facilities can be added to resist the turbulent waves of the sea, and the boom can also be used when lifting a small boat. The onboard layout provides the rear master bedroom and private bathroom. The front is equipped with a kitchen that can be on top or below. The dining room is usually adjacent to the kitchen. There is also a room in front and a private bathroom. Most Americans like this form, but the design with more interior space will be more comfortable when the wind and waves are high.

  Sundeck Picture

Sundeck-type picture

      The sun deck type TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yacht is a product of the United States in the mid-1980s. It is actually relatively close to the classic rear cabin type ship type, but the bridge on the sun deck type fly bridge has an exit directly into the salon cabin without being affected by the climate. The sun deck type has a wide hull and the deck position is higher than the classic type with rear cabin. This design provides a larger master bedroom. The diving platform can also place small boats. Some of these ship types are also equipped with hot and cold water sinks and workbenches on the rear deck. The wide fly bridge can provide a six-seat sofa and coffee table. Generally speaking, this ship type is very economical and practical.

  Sedan model picture

      The all-round sedan TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yacht is also often the preferred ship type. Its cabin design is placed on a horizontal plane except for the fly bridge, so you must use stairs to get to the fly bridge. This design has no rear cabin and the general position is also smaller than other types of ships of the same length. The salon is located in the back with the dining room and kitchen. Two bedrooms are in front, but most of them have only one bathroom. The wide rear deck provides entertainment space and requires good weather.

  Picture of Pilothouse or Europa Pilothouse with independent cockpit

Pilothouse-type picture

      A large number of shipowners including the United States and Europeans like this independent cockpit type TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yacht, which provides an independent cockpit space and is fully enclosed design. He can have a very good vision. The standard design has a large kitchen, large salon and large tail deck all on a relatively low level. The master bedroom and master bathroom are placed in the middle of the cockpit. The cabin and bathroom are in front of the master bedroom. The large flybridge surrounds the side and rear decks. The wide flybridge extends above and has a lot of space to accommodate small boats and gondola lifts. Its advantage is that it can withstand a worse climate, but this design must be equipped with generators and air conditioning equipment in tropical regions.

 Passagemaker Passagemaker type picture

      The TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yacht that passed the wind and waves was the last developed in the United States. It was designed specifically for yachts who want to cross the ocean. Most of them are drainage bottom designs and most of them will exceed 55 feet in length. The space inside the ship is large, and its configuration equipment is also very complete. The large fuel tank, large water tank, satellite radar automatic navigation system are all available, and the cruising ability can reach thousands of miles. Basically, there are Portuguese walkways. The fly bridge is very large for multi-seat sofa tables and chairs. There can also be a BBQ area, as well as hot and cold water sinks and workbenches. Generally, the price of this kind of boat will be high.

Dimensions of TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yacht

    It is not easy to choose the size of the yacht you need. Each manufacturer may have a different algorithm. Some calculate the full length of the boat, and some take the length of the hull. I want to know how to bring the boat. The drawings are carefully compared one by one.
• 30-36 feet: This is mostly a two-person boat type for short-day trips. If you want to bring guests, it is not convenient. It is suitable for use between islands or along the coast.
• 36-40 feet: This size of space is suitable for a couple to take a good friend to cruise along the sea in comfort.
• 40-45 feet: This size boat has a relatively wide width, which provides a stable and relatively large space, enough for a family to carry some good friends to spend leisure time at sea, and is the most common length in the US yacht market.
• 45-60 feet: This is the size used for transoceanic cruising yachts. The extravagant equipment is the second home on the outlying island, but the price is also expensive.

Facilities of TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yacht

      In addition to the basic situation and design above, let's talk about the living space of this yacht.
      Most TrawlerBoat trawler-type luxury yachts are equipped with one or two bedrooms, the larger boat also has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, salon cabin, kitchen and a set of dining tables and chairs. Salon warehouse is the most important event place on the ship, the decoration of exquisite teak wood, sofa coffee tables and chairs, large windows, TV sets that can be raised and lowered, and some high-priced ships with electronic pianos .... The
      sun deck type TrawlerBoat yacht is equipped with stairs to enter the sun behind and above On the deck, generally the rear master bedroom is relatively large and has a private bathroom. The guest bedroom and bathroom are at the forefront separated by the salon cabin and the kitchen are on the two ends of the boat.
      The indoor floors are mostly teak solid wood parquet floors, and carpets are also used in areas with dry climates.
      In addition to the standard double bed, the general master bedroom is also equipped with a double sofa, a small desk and a dressing table.
      The kitchen is equipped with double sinks, Dupont countertops, gas / cooker stoves, refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers, smoke exhausters, and large-sized ships will also be equipped with large double-door refrigerators, freezer cabinets and other equipment.
      The large size bathroom guards are often designed to be separated from wet and dry. The washbasin toilet and bath room are two separate bathrooms. The choice of the toilet may be traditional manual, electric or electric vacuum.


      The general engine use has single engine and dual engine configurations according to the situation, and its control is also divided into single station control and dual station control. Single station control means that the ship has a set of control systems, which is placed in the cockpit. The ship has two sets of control systems placed in two positions on the cockpit and flybridge.
The single engine configuration is not easy to operate when the first user enters and leaves the port, but the fuel consumption is small, so it is often seen that the bow thruster is added to the single engine configuration, and the single engine takes up less space in the engine room.
The dual engine configuration is much more convenient to operate, but the fuel consumption is relatively large. 
      Some single-engine ships also come with a small engine and small propeller, depending on the user's situation.

Navigation area and registration

      The water area of ​​the yacht is also related to the design of the yacht itself. Users have to consider whether your frequent use purpose is coastal waters or transoceanic waters, or only used in lakes or inland rivers. The management units registered in each area may have different requirements, so you have to ask where you are using the yacht.

Market conditions

      Many basic situations have been entered above, and your choice will come again.
      Being able to separate the TrawlerBoat ’s ship design, plane layout, length, size, equipment configuration, engine size and control, you must also consider where the ship should be placed, maintenance costs, etc ... How to arrange.
     At present, there are sound yacht clubs in major cities and coastal areas in China, and most of them have the business of selling yachts incidentally. At the same time, it also has basic maintenance personnel, and general maintenance is not a problem. Some domestic and foreign manufacturers of machinery and equipment have agents or warranty points everywhere, and service should not be a problem.
      Domestic and foreign yacht manufacturers also have agents in various regions responsible for sales.

Generally speaking, the sales price of domestic TrawlerBoat is
about 40 feet, including tax, about 4.5 million,
50 feet, including tax, about 7 million, and
60 feet, including tax, about 9 million.

      Perhaps only the price is left as the main factor for your consideration. You can inquire one by one from the regional agents and make an in-depth comparison. After that, you can start to buy your own TrawlerBoat trawler luxury yacht to enjoy your beautiful yacht life .

I wish you every success!

Schedule: TrawlerBoat yacht maintenance inspection, regular maintenance and replacement schedule

The maintenance of the yacht is the same as the regular maintenance of a high-end car. No matter how good the yacht is, it will break down if it cannot be maintained on time! Therefore, it must be maintained on time.

Engine The engine
used by general yachts is rated for more than 500 hours per year.
Oil / filter replacement: every 100 hours of use or according to the manufacturer's manual.
Transmission shaft oil replacement: every 500 hours or according to the manufacturer's manual.
Engine corrosion zinc block replacement: once a year or when necessary.
Engine cooling water system: Replace every 3 years, and make necessary cleaning or replacement according to the situation.
Cooling water impeller: Replace every 2 years or when necessary.
Diesel filter: once a year or once a year or when necessary.
Engine belt: Replace when necessary.
Engine cooling water filter: clean or replace when necessary.
Water pipes and pipe clamps: check frequently.
Add diesel biological detergent: You can clean the fuel tank thoroughly when needed.
Engine oil and cooling water should be checked frequently and supplemented if necessary.

Circuit system
Check bilge pump and sewage pump every month.
Replace the automatic pump switch when needed.
Check all electrical equipment monthly.
Check the service battery monthly.
Battery replacement: about once every 6 years.

Wastewater system

Check the electrode part of the wastewater system monthly.
Check and clean the piping of the seawater system monthly

Below the waterline

Check and clean the drive system monthly.
Check the corrosion status of the anti-corrosion zinc block monthly and replace if necessary.
Lift the boat every 2 years and spray the sea primer again.
Lift the ship every 2 years to check the corrosion of the bottom of the ship.
Check the rudder system every 2 years.
Lift the ship every 2 years to check the transmission system.
Stuffing boxes monthly inspection
Outlet, subsea valve: annual inspection.

Deck hull

The whole ship's exterior and deck are cleaned daily. 
The varnish parts are renewed every year when needed.
The varnish part is repainted every 5 years.
The surface plastic shell is repaired as needed to keep the appearance bright and smooth as new.
Repair external paint on the deck if necessary.
External stainless steel fittings are polished every 6 months.
Door and window glass are cleaned every 2 weeks.
The sun canopy is replaced every 6 years.
Cleaning and waxing should be checked and processed as needed.
Railings and anti-collision pads are checked monthly and replaced if necessary.

Heating and air conditioning

The filter is checked and cleaned every month.
The inlet, outlet and piping are cleaned every 2 years or replaced if necessary.
Replace the system as needed.

Remember: Yacht is always more important than maintenance!

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