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The 19th China (Shanghai) International Boat Show concluded successfully

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The 19th China (Shanghai) International Boat Show concluded successfully

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  • Categories:Industry News
  • Author:Ellegro
  • Origin:Tencent
  • Time of issue:2014-04-20 08:12
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On April 13, the 19th China International Boat and Boat Technology Exhibition and the 2014 China (Shanghai) International Boat Show (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai International Boat Show"), enjoying the reputation of the "Asian Industry Chain Flagship Exhibition", The curtain ended in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. China (Shanghai) International Boat Show has always been regarded as the vane of Chinese yachts. It has become the largest comprehensive yacht show in Asia and the oldest in China. It has been the 19th year since. According to incomplete statistics, this exhibition received domestic and overseas visitors from 70 countries and regions. The total number of exhibitors and turnover have increased compared with previous years, steadily rising, and continuing to be exciting.

This exhibition is the first time that the land and water exhibition has begun. On the basis of retaining the original 48,000 square meters of the World Expo Exhibition Hall area, a new water exhibition area has also been added on the north bank of Waibaidu Bridge. The water exhibition area in the core area of ​​the North Bund of Hongkou, connected to the Old Bund in the west to the Baidu Bridge, and across the river to the Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone in the south. The rolling classic buildings and skyscrapers on the other side have a panoramic view, forming Shanghai together with the Bund and Lujiazui. "Golden Triangle", a large number of visitors visited during the exhibition. It is worth mentioning that this exhibition is also the largest exhibition in Asia that combines comprehensive facilities with professional exhibition areas. A total of 550 exhibitors from 20 countries including the United States, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom participated in the exhibition. 550 real ships participated in the exhibition, and 7 national and regional pavilions participated. Famous domestic and foreign yacht brands Ferretti, Bonado, Arno, HEESEN, Brunswick Group, Sunreef, SUNSEEKER, Azimut, etc., as well as Sunbird, Double Happiness, Yihong, Jiahao, Nielve, Jinghua, Enamel Yi et al. Appeared one after another.

In addition, a variety of motor homes and luxury cars have become a great attraction of water and land linkage, and have become an important support for the leisure industry. George Patton off-road vehicle, Maserati president, Land Rover Range Rover Chuangshi respected version, Gnc, Arcadia, pet Buddy motorcycle and many RVs also gathered here, highlighting the entire World Expo exhibition hall. At the same time, while dedicating to the public a feast of "controlling life, outdoor leisure, and aquatic entertainment", the exhibition also provides a professional exchange and trading platform, multi-type forums and salon activities for visitors who advocate fashion and leisure lifestyle. Held at the same time.

A number of Asian first launch boats received attention. Prestige A01, A29 & A39 and other models of boats were successfully sold. Handmade boats and Qarsi 73 feet were sold for 17 million. Italian high-end brands such as RIVA have original convertible designs and full control of ipad. With 5.88 million seeks the buyer's attention. It is worth mentioning that, after dazzling, after excitement, what development trend will China's yacht industry show in 2014.

The Top Ten Trends of Chinese Yacht Industry in 2014 from Shanghai International Boat Show

Industry investment will be a trend

In 2014, the yacht market is no longer a situation dominated by foreign brands. The capital cooperation between Chinese companies and the international yacht industry has just begun, and this trend is expected to be further strengthened in 2014. The growth of the yacht economy is more and more affirmed by all levels of society. Coupled with several heavyweight mergers and acquisitions, the obvious "demonstration effect" has emerged. Chinese enterprises may enter the yacht industry through overseas mergers and acquisitions. Capital is competing for the entire industry chain of yachts, and it will provide ample opportunities for future development.

Putting into effect

With the distribution of policy bonuses such as free trade zones, the city's energy level in Shanghai has been further pushed up. The Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration has explored the establishment of a "Yacht Freedom Day Plan", and its implementation plan has always been the focus of attention in the industry. Who can become the first city to be allowed to develop yacht “free travel” has once become the focus of the yacht industry. Although it is still a long way from being put into practice, it is only a matter of time. In 2014, Pujiang Freedom Day is a Shanghai yacht, we will wait and see.

Terminal berths increase

Wharf is a topic that cannot be bypassed in the development of yacht economy. The popularity of the wharf will help reduce the cost of berthing and using yachts, and will play an indispensable role in promoting yacht water leisure activities and developing yacht economy. At present, there are nearly 90 yacht docks under construction in the country, and Shanghai alone accounts for 10, and covers all the latitudes of the rivers, lakes and seas, adding a lot of fun to Shencheng to play boats.

Yacht taxes and fees are loose

Although the yacht industry has not received a substantial response to the relevant tax and fee adjustment proposals, it has attracted the attention of the government. The adjustment of yacht tax and fee is bound to be a complicated process. For example, starting from the collection range, the original length is greater than The standards for power boats of 8 meters and less than 90 meters, as well as for sailboats and motor boats, are classified more specifically and clearly, and the standards for sail boats and motor boats are classified more specifically and clearly, and different tax rates are levied according to the bin.

Increasing requirements for energy-saving and environmental protection technologies

In line with the development trend of a low-carbon society, yacht manufacturing companies will sometimes consider the energy-saving and environmental protection requirements of ship owners. The power options of the yacht will show a variety of characteristics, including the use of solar and electric propulsion methods, the use of a large number of noise reduction materials, and the installation of fuel-saving devices. Many veteran Italian brands have also launched the hybrid electric-electric hull for environmental protection and energy saving.

Diversified development of ship purchase model

Double Happiness also launched the corresponding "partnership purchase" initiative this year. Ba Fuji's joint membership purchase of boats at this year's Shanghai International Boat Show attracted a large number of visitors to consult. There are more and more new modes of ship purchase and consumption in Shanghai, which maximize the utilization of ship resources and allow ship buyers to change from pure "asset ownership" to "boat enjoyment".

The competition promotes the popularization of sailing

This year, the awarding ceremony of the 7th Shanghai Charity Regatta was also held at the Shanghai International Boat Show. The sailing event will become the "standard" of the yacht industry. Recruiting and forming your own sailing team to compete in major domestic competitions, including civil organizations, government support, regional and international competitions, has attracted attention from all walks of life, and has become the most important means for yacht clubs to increase their popularity and influence. In coastal areas, sailing courses will gradually enter the classroom, which is widely loved by teenagers.

The yacht resort complex appears

In some coastal cities, yachts have quietly become the carrier of tourism industry upgrades. The yacht-themed tourism and holiday complex will soon appear, and the trend of time-sharing vacations is remarkable. Yacht companies participate in the construction of tourism and leisure resorts, including many leisure service facilities related to yachts. This large-scale yacht holiday complex will form a complete seaside tourism holiday landscape system, which can better provide marine entertainment and high-end leisure services for yacht consumers.

The rapid rise of sea fishing

This exhibition held professional forums such as the 19th China International High Performance Ship Academic Report Conference. In addition, the 2014 China International Yacht and Waterfront Leisure Industry Development Forum, in the upsurge of local governments to vigorously develop the marine economy, "leisure fisheries" has also been repeatedly mentioned. Many professional fishing boats such as Wuxi Dongfang and Coincidence have also been ordered. Large-scale groups of marine fishing enthusiasts have formed in the coastal areas of the country, and various fishing events are often held in offshore and lake areas. In the absence of yachting life with rich Chinese charm, sea fishing is undoubtedly a leisure method with the most potential for promotion, and has become the first choice for many young people to contact the yacht.

Professionalization of talents in the yacht industry

In view of the yacht industry's need for a large number of professionals in sales and maintenance services, yacht brokers, yacht maintenance technicians and other professional skills training and job certification appear in due course. This provides the necessary conditions for yacht practitioners to hold a certificate, get job promotion and employment access. The professional manager training jointly carried out by the Yacht Club has opened up new channels for training management personnel. In the future, the development of the yacht economy will make the professionals in the yacht industry increasingly professional.

Seeking roots for nineteen years of maturity

At this year's China (Shanghai) International Boat Show, the number of small boats exhibited has greatly increased, and the number of boats under 8 meters has increased by 43% compared with last year. Mr Thom Dammrich, President of the American Ship Manufacturers Association (NMMA), told reporters: "In the United States, private boats are not a tool to show off wealth and compare value, but are more regarded as a leisure and entertainment tool for middle-class and above families. As a At the mature yacht show, the proportion of small boats on display has been greatly increased, which is a performance that conforms to the development trend of the yacht industry. "Moreover, the appearance of official boats this year has also received considerable attention. The styling gives citizens a rare opportunity to get closer to the official boat, and its debut will become one of the important development directions of the future boat. Moreover, a large number of official boat manufacturers have shown their intention to join the exhibition lineup next year.

After 19 years of successful experience accumulation, 2015 will usher in the 20th anniversary of China (Shanghai) International Boat Show. The increasingly mature Chinese yacht industry is increasingly in line with the development of the international yacht industry. According to the organizer, the 20th China (Shanghai) International Boat Show will be held from April 9 to 12, 2015, and the venue will still be selected at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. At present, the booth is scheduled to be launched, which will surely become another grand event for the Asian yacht industry chain.

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